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Video Production Services in Russia

Over the years of working in the field of international production, we've learned that it is very difficult to find a reliable partner in a foreign country, especially when it comes to remote collaboration and the linguistic barriers one faces with it. This is why our company is able to provide the most comfortable and convenient conditions possible for each and every client, no matter how big or small the project. We strongly believe that every project is unique, which is why we do our best to truly understand what our client wants and deliver to them the product they desire.

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Our TV channel has been contracting Ninja Films for various occasions for more than three years. Throughout this period guys have been providing exceptional service and become a trusted resource whenever we have filming in Russia.
The key factors for choosing to work with Ninja Films were their in-depth knowledge of the field as well as dedication to our needs and requirements.
I would like to specifically thank them for the extraordinary service they provided at World Cup 2018 when we filmed in more than five cities in Russia.
We at TEN TV are very satisfied and happy to work with Ninja Films and are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship.
Amro Abdelhamid, TV talk show host
TEN TV, Cairo
I met Ivan from Air Philip Airline project end of last year. The concept was showing all the beauty of Russia especially Moscow, St Petersburg, Baikal Lake, and Vladivostok. We generally talked about the project on the phone or Skype, and I just had trust on him from his attitude, his personality, his way of solving problems and questions I have. When I met him real first time in Moscow, it was like a meeting an old friend who I can trust. He was diligent, always on time for feedbacks, working hard to meet deadlines. Just like a real producers work in any other world but he never lost his wit and smile which makes me comfortable to work with. He deal with good crews and equipment. Overall, I am happy working with Ninja Films. I will come back to them for next project and next project as well. They are now my trusted connection in Russia.
TJ Shon, producer
Hamburger Pictures, Seoul
We have worked with Ninja Films for consumer documentaries in Moscow and St. Petersburg. They has been very efficient and helpful with all our needs to deliver compelling videos that showcases the stories of our subjects. Jamie Ang, producer
HUMAN Agency, Dubai
I did work with Ivan on a shooting project last year. And Ivan is truly a problem solver. Whenever you tell him your request, he will not say much, but the next thing you see is he working on that request. So you can basically trust him on anything. He is also a hard worker, he would meet us in the hotel early in the morning, and leave late in the evening. Anyway, the next time when I have a similar shooting request in Russia, I will think of Ivan as our fixer and highly recommend him to other people with such needs.
Cora Li, producer, Beijing
Fantastic experience, Ivan and his team worked very well with us.
Carlos Segura, senior producer
ZUMBA Fitness, LLC, Hallandale, FL
I did work with Ninja Films and Ivan on 2 filming projects for National Geographic in Russia and Kazakhstan. We were shooting the first Arab astronauts to launch to the ISS and we spent a long time with Ivan. It was a very positive, enjoyable and rewarding experience working with Ivan. Ivan was tirelessly hard working, diligent, organized, detail-driven and considerate and always had creative solutions for everything from medical challenges to choosing exquisite restaurants. He was a really lovely person, with a gentle spirit, easy to spend a long time with him in a car crossing infinite plains and he assisted us in every way; he offered us the best crew, locations and artists. He was always good natured. We had to travel vast distances to Baikonur in Kazakhstan. He made great judgement calls, he was endlessly resourceful and he also helped with creative issues like doing extraordinary photographic stills to help us. Just a great human being, creative head and producer. He made us love Russia and working with Russians. I look forward to working with him again! And again!
Sofia de Fay, Film director