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This ancient lands can truly be called the crossroad of civilisations. East and West of an ancient world clashed here in deadly but beautiful dance. On its territory live up to 50 different nations, who created original culture and unique languages. Armenia and Georgia are one of the oldest states in the world, they existed in times of Hellenic Greece and Assyrian Empire, held wars with Roman Empire and were among the first states who adopted christianity officially. Such rich history formed a very unique cultural landscape - breathtaking views, distinctive cuisine and delicious wine, medieval towns and picturesque mountain monasteries, unusual soviet constructions and modern business districts - all this could be found in Caucasus. Georgian authorities are very loyal to filmmakers; together with up to 20% cash rebate it makes this destination pretty attractive. Airports of Baku, Tbilisi and Erevan accept direct flights from most of European capitals, also there exist direct flights from New-York and Beijing to Baku.