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Central Asia

Historically this region has been closely connected to the nomadic people and the Great Silk Road, which contributed to developing a mighty trade city states. In middle ages, many centuries before similarly-named age in France, one of enlightenment centers appeared here - it were the scene of progress in various sciences (especially medicine and astronomy) and arts.

This area has a huge variety of natural landscapes - from the great spaces of steppes and deserts, to breathtaking elevated plates and mountain lakes, here located the mountains of Heaven - Tian Shan - the sacred place in Tengriism, Soviet government realised many of it’s interesting architecture experiments here.

If you’re looking for unusual and stylish location or very eastern-flavoured one - middle Asia can be your choice. Here you can find a high-plain with fascinating view or dry desert with nomad yurts one hour drive away from international airport. Our level of impact allows really wide possibilities during production and incredible level of security.