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Russian Far East

Pretty similar to Siberian region Far East of Russia is a one great natural park. Covered by taiga and having outnumber range of natural resources, it is home for indigenous people, Russian colonists and merchants, exiled criminals and dissidents, gold diggers and hunters.

Region can be divided to 2 subregions - northern Yakutia, Chukotka and Magadan Oblast are the regions with rigorous climate, bad infrastructure and amazing natural landscapes. Southern Amurskaya Oblast, Khabarovskiy and Primorskiy Kray has temperate climate, here passes and ends the Transsiberian Railway. The northernmost Amur tiger lives here as well as rarest Amur leopard. Kamchatskiy Kray together with Kurile Islands with it’s volcanos and geyzers attracting extremal tourists from all over the world.